Why are promotional items so important?

Advertising is essential if you want to showcase the talents of your business and keep growing. Promotional items are a great low-cost way of getting advertising into the homes and offices of your potential and existing customers. They will be instantly reminded of your business and services or products when they go to use it, so it’s a great way of getting people to remember you.

Promotional merchandise gives an effective and long-lasting brand impression as they can be used to benefit the other business. People are always appreciative of a free item and if it adds value to their life, even better!

Be different

Giving the gift of a promotional product shows you as being an attractive brand and helps you stand out from the crowd, benefiting your brand identity. As an example, if you are running a stand at an event, or even something as simple as promotional pens could be attractive to a potential customer. Business cards may be the age-old way of getting your contact information out there, but promotional items are a great way to be remembered.

Even if they are not looking to use your services now, it may be that, in future, they think of your business when they do. It also may be that someone else who sees them using the product will remember your company name too.

Retaining existing customers

Everyone loves free gifts! By giving your existing customers an item they can use, they will be reminded of you when they use the product. A free gift, such as promotional pens or USB sticks, are used regularly in and out of the office.

Replacement of business cards

Business cards are becoming a thing of the past. This is a very different and modern way of giving out your brand contact information – how many times have you received a business card and put it in your desk drawer, or even in the bin? How many have you seen that have particularly caught your eye? Can you remember any of them? If someone gave you a business card you could use for other things, such as a notepad or power bank, people are more likely to remember their brand.

Increasing brand loyalty

The promotional products you provide are a reflection on your business, so if you give out quality promotional products that will be used a lot, it shows how serious you are about the end customer – it demonstrates you understand their needs and you’re willing to gift them something high quality.

Link with your social media

Social media is a great way for existing and potential clients to see your feedback, your work and most of all your identity as a brand. With the accessibility of social media and the ease of being able to update your platforms from your smartphone, it’s a great way to interact – so try linking your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts to your merchandise if you feel it’s a good fit for you. Advertising is expensive, and merchandise can end up reaching more people than you think for a low cost.

Use in your social campaigns

You can even try competitions involving your promotional products, such as posting a picture with your product or whilst using it with a hashtag. You can then get new customers and reward people willing to promote your brand!

Who is your target audience?

Who are you looking to target? Think about your niche – a branded USB stick is great if your customers are generally technology companies. Think about the interests of your customers and try to relate them to your business. If you select products that your target customers will use, the more likely they are to remember you.

Think about your message

Make it simple, to the point and eye-catching. You could stick with just your logo, add your web address on, socials or even all of your contact details. If you’re stuck, it’s worth using a copywriter to get something catchy and intrigue your audience. To be able to show your company just through a promotional product is hard – it is good to get across your offering and what they can expect from you. Don’t rush it – only start printing when you are sure!

Make them stand out

Don’t expect miracles from cheap pens. Some of the best advertising campaigns cost millions, and whilst your promotional products don’t need to, it’s worth having them stand out. You might even want to commission a designer to get some ideas about how you can make it really striking. Perhaps an interesting message on a mug, a unique reusable shopping bag with artwork a customer would really want to use…the list is endless.

Get a sample

If you have a few ideas of what you want to do, try a sample first to see how things look. You don’t want to end up with hundreds of things you won’t actually use. Read reviews online of the best promotional product companies and you’ll be able to see which ones are worth a go.

Start testing from the inside

Show your initial products to internal colleagues first, see what they think – if they feel good about giving them out, they will feel good about the company and this will show to a prospective or existing client. It is also a nice touch to show that you appreciate your employees. Think of it as beta testing!

Use them as a step in

If you got a sales call, which most businesses get an abundance of, you’d be much more likely to want to book a meeting with someone who had sent you a goodie bag. Putting together a range of promotional products in a basket or package and sending it to them sets you apart from your competitors. Hand delivering it for a personal touch is even better! Your sales team can use them to their advantage.

In conclusion, promotional products are a fantastic cost-effective way of getting brand recognition, driving customer loyalty and building a solid customer base.


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