Most Creative and Bizarre Packaging Designs in the World

Packaging is not only crucial to protecting your products from damage but also helping it stand out from the other products in the market. For many consumers, the packaging serves as their first tangible connection with product manufacturers. The design is not only for branding purposes but also for educating customers about the mission and vision of the company.

While some packaging designs are simple, other companies go the extra mile to make their products unique. Some product packaging designs were so phenomenal that they received recognition and awards. Others were just too bizarre that they suffered a massive backlash. Below are some of the most interesting packaging designs in the world.

Hanger Tea

Soon Mo Kang came up with a funny and playful design to package tea. The design was part of a tea packaging design contest. It’s best known for its unique and wacky concept. The tea bag packaging resembles that of a hanged t-shirt. The hanger can be used to attach the tea bag on the cup.


TejMilk recognises the need to stand out from other milk companies in the world. This Hungarian dairy company is best known for their minimalistic packaging design for their milk cardboard boxes. The boxes are colour-coded according to the milk’s fat content, so their consumers can instantly recognise which milk product they should grab. 

Toasted Corn Doritos

Doritos is a popular corn chip brand. Just recently they released a new packaging design for the chips. The multi-dimensional packaging was the result of an idea by a team of engineers who were inspired by the triangular shape of the chips. With the new resealable bag, you can keep the chips fresh. Also, you don’t need to get your fingers greasy when you reach for more chips with the new design.


Back in 2009, Kleenex tissue came in triangular boxes. The company referred to the collection as “Slice of Summer”, and it featured images of fruits like watermelon, orange and lemon. The design was so popular that it won the “Best Show of Pentawards” in 2009. Pentawards is an organisation in Brussels, Belgium that recognises that brilliance of packaging designers from all around the globe.

Evian Water Bottle in 2005

Evian, a French mineral water brand, used a peculiar water bottle design back in 2005. The designers intended to use the mountain-shaped water bottle to remind consumers about the humble beginnings of Evian. However, the odd packaging design didn’t receive a lot of positive response from the public because it was too heavy to carry around.

Have you come across any of the product designs enumerated above? If so, which one was your favourite? In creating a packaging design for any product, it’s crucial to consider practicality and usability of the packaging. While a crafty and wacky packaging can turn heads, you must still consider what your consumer needs.

Also, a non-traditional design may be harder to produce compared to the more conventional ones. Ask a packaging manufacturer if they can create the design that you want because some companies have minimal tools and resources.

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