What is Ripple/XRP?

Many first time traders or newcomers who are investors are loaded with many questions and they want to know where to find all the answers. So, the first question is where is all the information available? It is the Neuer Capital blog where all the questions of traders and investors will be answered. Ripple/ XRP basically, is a form of Crypto coin that has been made by Ripple. It is centralized Crypto currency and there are as many as 100 billion XRP coins available. Out of these 100 billion only around 50 % is in remission with the founders. To be precise, Ripple now owns 61 billion XRP token from the 100 billion.


XRP is a coin that uses a block chain technology and has associated themselves with banks like BoA and SBI. That being said, XRP coins will not be used by the banks if a trader invests or starts trading them. Thus, to sum it up, it can be said that Ripple is a technology or protocol and XP is a coin.  Furthermore, Ripple has come up with new terms wherein, to win the faith and confidence of the traders and investors, they are closing 55 billion XRP coins with the same number of contracts. Over the past one and a half years, Ripple has spent almost 300 million XRP coins on a monthly basis. 


Ripple had incepted this as a system to reduce the number or times a trader undergoes a payment procedure. This also adds layers or security to global payments and fund transfers. All the benefits of Ripple/ XRP have been stated in the Neuer Capital blog


  • As a global network for settlement of transactions, Ripple makes it easier to send money to any corner of the world, from any place. 
  • This transaction happens in a matter of a few seconds. 
  • With the advent of Ripple, the old system of transferring money via Western Union has taken a backseat. 
  • Currently, Ripple has associated with banks and offers a cost-effective and swift method of payment that is real-time. 


Ripple has many more benefits for the investors and traders with XRP that no other Cryptocurrency has. The first and the foremost benefit is that Ripple works with the banks directly, devoid of any 3rd parties. It focuses on the smart business choices taken by traders who want to invest in Ripple. This enables industries and sectors to work together and manage the banking industry on a global level. Traders and investors who are looking at capitalizing on Ripple’s effectiveness will see a stable growth of value on the XRP coins they have traded in. It can be said that a trader or investor, irrespective of their experience, can get returns ranging from 10 times to 100 times in the long run. 


Since 2017, the trading sector has seen an incredible change as well as growth and with XRP taking the market, it is just in the infancy stage. It is recommended that a trader always invests wisely and should not invest more than he or she wishes to lose. 

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