Diversify Your Financial Portfolio By Investing In Dependable Assets Like Gold

Diversify Your Financial Portfolio By Investing In Dependable Assets Like Gold

Coronavirus has impacted not just the global markets, but our personal finances as well. In these times of uncertain expenses, we all want to make safe investments to be used in times of need.

While trading gives us a good return, there is uncertainty in the market in the current times. Gold is a safe investment option and is preferred by everyone since thousands of years. Even though gold is safe to invest your hard earned money, we are seeing a huge spurge in gold prices. This is the reason everyone is hesitating in gold investments.

If you are also unsure about the right timing to invest in gold, we will discuss if this is the right time to make huge investments in this precious metal or not?

You can track the current gold price at Gold Bullion Australia and invest in this precious metal with this 3 decade old company. Their investment options are stress free and simple. Their vault is custodial ensuring that your investments remain safe while maintaining discretion. When you invest in precious metal with them, your investment is automatically insured up to its full replacement value.

Pros and cons of buying gold right now

The advantages of investing in the yellow precious metal are:

  1. Great performance:
    • We have seen a continuous gain in gold prices in 15 years with only 2 dips in this time period.
    • The total gain in gold in these years is 8.5%.
    • Even the current spot prices show an upward trajectory.
  2. Central banks are buying gold:
    • All the major economies and even the developing ones are buying gold and gold still remains a very important factor in determining the global reserves in monetary terms.
    • Even when the prices are soaring high, global economies are still buying gold.
    • If they are seeing it as a good investment, it would be smart to diversify our financial portfolio with gold investments.
  3. Easy to acquire:
    • Gold is available in many forms including digital and physical gold.
    • You can start with a minimum investment and does not always need huge amounts to start with.

There cons of investing in the yellow metal right now are:

  1. Soaring high prices:
    • The current prices are so high that the investors are unsure in which direction it will move in the immediate future.
    • If you are looking for short term investment, it might not wise to buy gold right now.
  2. Charges incurred during transactions:
    • Physical gold either keeps sitting in the vault and many charges are deducted when we try to sell physical gold.
    • The investor has to bear these charges and thus overall return with physical gold can become negligible in such cases.

Even though current economical scenarios are unfavourable, gold still remains the first choice of investment for many. Instead of physical gold, you can use gold in the trade market or invest in digital gold to save unnecessary wastage and deductions that are made while making transactions in physical gold.

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