Voided Check: Common Reasons for Voiding a Check 

A void check can be explained as a check that has the word “VOID” written on it. Whether the check is partially filled or blank, if it has the word void written on it, it indicates that the check is no longer valid and cannot be used anymore. A check is usually voided so that it cannot be filled for authorized use, rendering it invalid. There are other situations where a voided check can prove to be useful. They can be used to set up automatic deposits for employers, investments, or to set up an automatic bill payment. The first step here is to learn How To Void A Check.

How to write a void check

You have to inscribe the word VOID in large font, on the front side of the check. It is significant to ensure that letters must be written in capital. Also, it is noteworthy to see the figures at the bottommost of the check, recipients require that numeral to generate a link with the bank account. Confirm that you are utilizing some marker or pen so that no one can erase or edit the words. If you properly void the check, no one would be able to take the advantage of that. And it will not result in any fraud.

Many situations ask to void the check and the top three reasons to void the check are:

Errors: As humans tend to make mistakes, usually while writing a check as well. There are many mistakes that you may make in the check like- misspelling the name, putting an extra zero, or the wrong date. In such scenarios, you would be required to void the check to prevent mistakes and fraud, so that no one can misuse the specific check.

Automatic Bill Payments: The process of generating automatic bill payments must be intimidating and the first thing the bank asks for is the voided checks only. You must provide the bank with a void check so that they can set up automatic bill payments. And this is one situation where a voided check is required.

Deposits from Employer: In case you have a new job, among the documents that the employer asks for is a voided check. This aids them to set up automatic payments for the employee.

Alternative to writing a Voided Check

When you don’t have the checks, many people use debit or credit cards or cash to make transactions and payments. They don’t even have a check to write void. It depends on who the company that requests the information is, one of these options may work well for you.

  1. Send your bank account and routing number. If you are not aware of them, go to the bank and ask or call the customer services phone number.
  2. Deposit a pre-printed slip that has the account and routing number on it.
  3. Take a print of a fake voided check from the website of the bank account with your information.
  4. Print off the bank’s direct deposit form.
  5. Fill the auto-draft form of the bill pay company.

As we all know that voiding a check is easy if you have one. When you are setting up automatic payments or direct deposits, it is easy to void a check. However, the most crucial point is to make sure that mark it void to avoid any confusion so that it cannot get cashed.

Also, many people make mistakes while filling out checks, you don’t need to worry about that, the only point to keep in mind is that you must void the check carefully.

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