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It is possible to have reimbursable expenses recorded in QuickBooks in several ways. Doing some research will help the person to know more about the same. Expense Account / Expense Tab Method While recording customer incurred expenses, the Expenses tab is to be clicked from Enter Bills or Write Checks screen. Appropriate expense account is to be selected and appropriate customer selected. The column is not to be checked with invoice icon present above it (labeled as Billable in the later QB versions). The transaction is to be then saved. An invoice is to be generated for customer and transaction placed into the invoice. This is to be done after Time/Costs button is clicked. quickBooks payroll Helpline Number logoFind quickBooks payroll Helpline Number and get best satisfaction with Quickbooks Payroll Support. . Details of behind the scenes of this method: Expense account in this particular method is credit as invoice gets generated for customer. Expense account is lowered instead of increasing revenue/sales account. If it is desired by users, especially if reimbursed expense is not required to be recorded in the form of income by the users, then this method can be a good one. For those seeking QuickBooks payroll support can call up the Toll free number 1-844-305-6166. Cost Account / Expense Tab Method From, Enter Bills or Write Checks screen, click Expenses just like the above method. This is to be done when an expense is being entered for a customer. Rather than choosing expense account, COGS account is to be selected. Then the appropriate customer is to be selected. Unlike the first method, the column present on the farther right hand side is not checked.

Details of behind the scenes of this method: Unbillable “Unbilled costs” are created by this method. It is on Unbilled costs report that it is displayed. However, when Costs/Time button gets clicked on Invoice screen, that window does not show it. They are likely to remain forever on Unbilled Costs report. They never will be placed onto the customer’s invoice. Hence, under any circumstance, this method is not to be used. If necessary, follow the third method to post to COGS account. For sorting out issues, one can take the help of QuickBooks payroll support at Toll free number 1-844-305-6166 and enjoy smooth and accurate recording of transactions. Items Tab Method This is the third method. Go to items list to create new other chargeable item. Click box stating “Item used is reimbursable charge or in assemblies”. It helps to set up item to be used effectively on Enter Bills/Write Checks screen, along with the Invoice screen. With desired COGS account present in left hand box, fill in item and on right hand box, fill the desired revenue account. Fill other information. While entering bills or writing checks for reimbursable expenses, rather than using Expenses tab, click items tab! Select the just created item and fill in appropriate amount, save transaction. While invoicing customer, click Costs/Time button and used item will appear. Choose it and it is placed by QB onto customer invoice. Now save transaction. Majority will prefer to follow the first method or the third method. Seek professional advice for more help.

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